I come from a small town, so maybe that’s why I don’t see African Americans being mistreated any worse than a white, Mexican, woman you name it. The only difference between our people is you either have money, or you don’t. I am also all for standing up for what you believe in and using your voice to advocate for yourself and others. There is a vast difference in doing that and rioting the streets, taking over towns destroying property, and worst yet taking another human life. That is no different than what those cops did.
Furthermore, more white people are killed each year by policemen than any other race. So why isn’t anyone standing up and proudly saying white lives matter? As I said, I am from a southern country area and we just dont treat people like that so maybe I dont know how it is in a big city, but I dont plan to either I dont live in the town for a reason. I had every intention of not making a post on this. Reason being people are mean and selfish and not seeing the bigger picture of the chaos happening in our country. Until this morning when I heard something unbearable. It got me to thinking, and I finally said I am doing it. I have something to say and will not be silenced over some bullies. You know who’s lives matter more than a white person or a person of any color period the lives of our innocent children. Yes, adults, all of you rioting asshats are killing our children. We are setting horrible examples and being pathetic leaders and teachers. I hope you find shame in your actions. You are no better than the police officers who use excessive force. They aren’t all bad, and you are ruining it for the good guys. Who in the h@#$ are you going to call when your 3-year-old gets shot? It’s time to grow up if you want to make a change, do it the right way.

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