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Category: Changing Yourself While Changing The World

My Borderline Podcast

My REAL BPD LIFE episode of Let’s Talk About It W/ the Borderline Chic
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Let’s Be Honest About Self-help Books

Is it just me or are we all tired of self-help books? We read and relate to them but there are no clear cut instructions. There is only some mumbo jumbo bullshit, and at the end of the book, all we really have is some person we idolize and...
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Borderline NewsWeekly Updates and Weekly Truths

The place you go to find the facts about mental health and personality disorders that others won't tell you. The Borderline Chic doesn't surgar coat nor stigmatize. Subscribe and learn how to get a free copy of her Ebook Let's Talk About It: Word Vomit 2.0