I am told I am an irrelevant nobody. I am a nobody, just trying to be a voice for the rest of the people you call nobody! Yes, I heard this for the first time, and boy did it hurt. I was tempted to stop everything I had been working so hard on and give it all up. Money I just paid to ramp up my new podcast. Video camera I haven’t even received yet I recently purchased for my YouTube channel. I was willing for a brief second, only to trash it all. My fear of rejection and failure stand toe to toe with abandonment, and the three of them had me backed in a corner in an unfair fight. Somehow I won. I defeated the undefeated heavyweight champions. There was absolutely no way I was going to let them win after everything I had worked so hard for and accomplished. Not these accomplishments for myself, but every quarter-mile of Rocky Road, I am smoothing out with pavement for another life, that is why I can’t stop. If I were to give up and throw it all away, I would be failing! I’d be failing 5lthe one listener, reader, or religious video watcher the hope they were building. I’d be abandoning them and doing the same thing that had been done to me all those times. I just can’t do that because, at the end of the day, that makes me no better than the crowd that tried so hard to make me believe my words we’re irrelevant, and I was useless.


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