I’d like to start by introducing myself, and I go by the name Savannah. I am a suicide attempt survivor. Recently learned I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I do not call myself a writer, but a teller of stories. Writers have a gifted ability to pen perfect grammar and elegant patterns. I, however, forget commas use too many filler words and talk passively more than active. Telling stories comes naturally to me. I assume because they are mine and mine to tell. Breaking down events from details to exact smells. Remembering skin lines. I have many times memorized the hue of green, brown, and gold in the hazel eyes that starred through mine.


The burning question, I’m sure, though, is what my blog is about and why did I start one. In September 2019, after many years of depression and no coping skills, the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder labeled my medical chart. This was foreign to me, and the term personality disorder scared me the most. Throughout this journey, I will share the rawest and most real parts of my life. With this tiny fraction, I hope you can get to know me and the vision and mission I have set out on. With all the crazy going on in the world, one thing that seems to be overlooked by everyone is the increasing rate of people’s mental health.


I come from a crummy childhood, abusive, and addicts for parents. Yes, I am a victim of child sexual assault and neglect. That is summarizing to get to the point. I have made plenty of mistakes, and for years, my thought process and how I did things were flighty. Not realize until late 2019 that this differed from any other human on this earth. Not even realizing what I was anything different from the majority. The three things in life I can’t do are dealing with abandonment, rejection, or failure. In 2017 I had reached the end of just well everything. I had enough.

It felt like I had no one to talk to, and I was plain empty inside. Everything I did seemed as if I did it wrong, and I wasn’t good enough. I couldn’t accomplish any of my goals. I felt like I had no genuine friends, and most of all, I didn’t understand why my family couldn’t look at me and see I was cracking and going to burst any second. So I did something I regret and always will, but the consequences of what was to happen next didn’t matter, I had to know. So for the next three months, I went on with a lie I was sick and dying. I wanted to know if anyone would care at all if I lived or died.

The joke was on me because I got my answer to the people I wanted to know most did not. Not only did I have that dangling in my face, but after taking enough medication to “kill a horse,” the doctor told me this I have endured a great deal of pain and zero support system. That day was December 28, 2017, and I have been through literal hell and back to get to where I am, but I will fight for myself and every other human of every race and gender using my voice and doing my part to make a difference.


You are not alone! Life, a second chance, I am forever grateful for. I will do all I can to help others from walking that same line. Fighting for myself and those without a voice and prevent others from a reason to regret and hope they receive a second chance. Continually learning about Borderline Personality Disorder and sharing the knowledge and my experiences with others. I recently published a book and a second edition coming soon and a new book.


I have many creations in my collection of handmade decor. So look around, if you love some handcrafted decor and want to be part of a movement, you have come to the right place. Look around, and I have something for everyone, including forums and informative blog post on mental health topics. With a podcast, YouTube channel, and handcrafted decor, you won’t get bored. Don’t forget to check out the Decor That Does More Page https://beyondtheborderline.net/decor-that-does-mor/.

That’s not all I donate half of the profits to RAINN https://www.rainn.org/.org/ and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention https://afsp.org/. The remaining earnings into the Fear Box. Here is a link to purchase my book.


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